It's summertime--watch out for the mosquitoes!

Mosquitoes led to Zika epidemic in 2015 and more recently, chikungunya outbreaks in the U.S. for the first time.  Mosquitoes are also responsible for transmitting a host of other viruses including dengue fever, and West Nile virus.  

West Nile virus swept through the U.S. back in the ‘90s, and now is found throughout the U.S., transmitted by a number of different types of mosquitoes. In many people, West Nile can be completely asymptomatic or maybe cause just a mild illness, but in some patients, it can cause a swelling of the brain and spinal cord. And it can be very serious, if not fatal.

Tick-borne illness is also a summertime threat.  Here in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain wood tick is prevalent, however mostly in the spring time.  As a preventive medicine practice, Family Practice Associates in Broomfield, Colorado encourage you to take preventive measures to avoid these outdoor vectors.  

Educate yourself
We suggest you educate themselves about what diseases are common to their area and to learn the signs and symptoms of vector-borne illnesses.  For  example  if a child comes down with a fever in the summertime,  that’s a sign of a possible tick-borne disease or a mosquito-borne disease, We suggest you make an appointment to evaluate the fever as it may be such summertime illness.

Recommendations to protect yourself from ticks and mosquitoes

Protect yourself from ticks and mosquitoes by following these tips:

Prevention is the key.

Pamela Abrams, M.D. Physician

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