See what our patients have to say.

  • Dr. ABRAMS was caring, listened well, and was very knowledgeable.

    - Lawrence P. (Submitted 04/07/22)
  • Great job!

    - Rob W. (Submitted 02/07/22)
  • New to the area, this was my first visit with Dr Abrams for an annual Wellness Check-up. Prior to the visit, Kate and Marcy were instrumental in finally getting my old records from my former primary care doctor's out of state office. Dr Abrams was very thorough, efficient and there was no wait once I arrived for check-in. I was in and out within an hour and walked out with 3 recommendations for other specialists in the area. I would highly recommend their office!

    Show More - Bob C. (Submitted 01/22/22)
  • jeff is wonderful he listens to your problems and needs. He actually cares about his patients

    - Samantha S. (Submitted 01/14/22)
  • Quick, easy and thorough

    - Nicholas H. (Submitted 12/23/21)
  • Shingles vaccination.

    - Eric L. (Submitted 12/05/21)
  • Dr. Abrams patiently talked through my situation and answered my questions regarding what to expect during recovery from a recent injury.

    - Jeff J. (Submitted 12/04/21)
  • Dr. Abrams knows what to do and how to do it!

    - Yvonne W. (Submitted 11/17/21)
  • As always Dr. Abrams provides the quintessential experience for health care

    - DENNIS R. (Submitted 11/08/21)
  • Doctor Abrams, is always thorough.

    - Rose R. (Submitted 10/08/21)
  • Very thorough and personalized

    - Mary K. (Submitted 09/23/21)
  • Dr. Abrams was very clear and easy to talk to. She explain everything I needed

    - Maria G. (Submitted 08/18/21)
  • Dr. Abrams is very nice and welcoming. She answered all my questions and was very attentive.

    - Heidi G. (Submitted 08/05/21)
  • Always professional and compassionate

    - Ray T. (Submitted 08/05/21)
  • Laura is very thorough, taking the time to understand what you need for preventative care.

    - BRAD W. (Submitted 07/30/21)
  • Very professional visit

    - Kiran K. (Submitted 07/24/21)
  • Dr. Jeff has been taking care of me for a couple of years now. He and the staff at FPA are always very good to me. I'm grateful.

    - Scott G. (Submitted 07/02/21)
  • Very nice

    - George P. (Submitted 06/17/21)
  • I was able to get a tele appt within hours while on vacation with a quick remedy for my sinus issues.

    - Brian D. (Submitted 06/16/21)
  • I have been seeing Jeff Mandl for a few years now. I’m very pleased with his demeanor and the way he explains in detail the conditions I’m seeing him for. Very happy with the associates at family practice as well. I’d recommend this practice to everyone.

    - Jeff H. (Submitted 05/21/21)
  • Jeff is always friendly, helpful, knowledgeable, thorough, & willing to help me with whatever is needed.

    - Greg G. (Submitted 05/07/21)
  • I am a first time patient and requested an appointment asap. They were able to see me the same day. My entire experience was great. From the front desk lady that scheduled my appointment, the intern that took my vitals, the lab tech that drew blood and the nurse that gave me an EKG and nurse practitioner that saw me. All were kind , patient and I never felt rushed. I would highly recommend this practice.

    Show More - Veronica D. (Submitted 05/01/21)
  • I have been Dr. Abrams's patient for more than 10 years. I trust her diagnosis, and service.

    - HUIRU D. (Submitted 04/15/21)
  • Very pleasant visit. Dr Abrams talked to me for 10 minutes and determined that I should get more help for myself. Awesome, I have never been listened to like this so completely! Thank you

    - Terry B. (Submitted 04/10/21)
  • Very knowledgeable, and great to work with

    - Brendon S. (Submitted 03/14/21)
  • Was seen right away. Jeffrey communicated with me in plain language, using simple questions to understand my needs. I was out the door 30 minutes later. Fantastic experience.

    - Douglas C. (Submitted 03/10/21)
  • Fast and easy process!

    - Jenny M. (Submitted 02/25/21)
  • Always greeted with a smile , and always gets answers . Thank you

    - Nancy C. (Submitted 02/03/21)
  • Dr. Abrams is always prepared for your visit and is a kind and compassionate doctor. I highly recommend her or any of her associates who do an equally outstanding job.

    - Priscilla J. (Submitted 01/13/21)
  • Family practice has always been there when we needed them for over 35 years. Great care with great compassion.

    - Daniel V. (Submitted 12/17/20)
  • It was great.

    - Michael P. (Submitted 12/16/20)
  • I haven’t had a PCP in years and had the great opportunity to visit with Dr. Abrams. She was very easy to talk to about my concerns and I did not feel rushed. I sincerely appreciated the time she afforded me and would recommend her highly.

    - Fred S. (Submitted 12/11/20)
  • Dr. Abrams gives you her time and attention and makes you feel heard.

    - Shanna C. (Submitted 12/11/20)
  • My father is almost 80 and we feel really blessed to have someone like Dr. Abrams on his team. She's smart, responsive, kind, and has taken excellent care of him for many years.

    - Robin B. (Submitted 12/07/20)
  • I really appreciated Jeff’s great bedside manner, we discussed my health overall, and he came up with some great suggestions for me. Really great experience, and I will be back!

    - RICHARD G. (Submitted 11/22/20)
  • She is very nice and answer my questions.

    - Mei Z. (Submitted 11/12/20)
  • Dr. Abrams is attentive, direct and takes care of all the patient needs in an informational and non-judgement way.

    - Salina K. (Submitted 11/11/20)
  • Excellent

    - John Mark L. (Submitted 11/11/20)
  • Long time patient. Always very pleased.

    - Don F. (Submitted 10/30/20)
  • I have been going to Dr. Abrams for many years. I have even moved away from he area and now travel 15 miles to see Dr Abrams and the staff at Family Practice.

    - Abby B. (Submitted 10/24/20)
  • Dr Abrams spent a lot of time going over meds with me and explaining what might be happening with me. I appreciate that she always tries the most conservative methods first.

    - Jane L. (Submitted 10/11/20)
  • Everyone I came in contact with was very professional. They were on time with my appointment. Dr. Abrams took her time with me, I didn’t feel rushed at all. She was very knowledgeable and provided the help and information that I needed to get well. I very much recommend this practice to everyone!

    - Cherie B. (Submitted 10/10/20)
  • Very helpful, especially on such short notice. Thanks, Dan

    - Dan B. (Submitted 10/07/20)
  • I went on for an annual physical. My appointment started on time and the front staff and doctors were friendly and professional.

    - Matthew M. (Submitted 10/02/20)
  • Good! Dr Abraham is professional and nice and so is the staff

    - Sheila P. (Submitted 10/01/20)
  • Many years of being with Dr. Abrams who stays up to speed with "all things medical" and who's guided me through a variety of health issues--from minor to serious. As always, in this last visit, she doesn't miss a beat. Can't imagine being with another doc!

    - Cara P. (Submitted 09/24/20)
  • My last appoinment was for my annual physical. As usual, Dr. Abrams is completely professional and thorough; but she always gives me as much time as I need for questions and concerns.

    - Theone (Toni) F. (Submitted 09/05/20)
  • This was my first appointment with Dr. Abrams...sort of a "meet and greet." My doctor of many years went out of my network, so I had to find a new doc. I am happy with my choice!

    - Ellen C. (Submitted 09/05/20)
  • Laura is very good at her job very efficient very thorough trust everything she says great person great personality couldn't ask for more

    - David T. (Submitted 09/04/20)
  • I have been seeing Dr. Abrams as my primary physician for the last several years and cannot say enough good things about her. I come from a family of doctors and nurses, and am impressed with the level of care, professionalism, and thoughtfulness, combined with a thorough and pragmatic approach to my healthcare.

    Show More - Thomas F. (Submitted 08/31/20)
  • Dr. Pamela Abrams has benn my PCP for iver 20 years. This visit was the same this time as it was 20 years ago which is always persoal, caring, honest, knowledgeable. I will go to her fir as long as God and insurance allows me too. Thank yo to her and all the staff! Sincerely; Julie

    - Julie M. (Submitted 08/30/20)
  • Quick and professional

    - Christopher Y. (Submitted 08/29/20)
  • Great. Dr. Mandl is very direct and explains so you understand.

    - Jeff H. (Submitted 08/27/20)
  • Dr. Abrams is a wonderful doctor. I have never been dissatisfied with any appointment that I have had with her. Always informative and helpful when I have questions and and concerns about my health. I take her medical opinion seriously. I am great full to have Dr Abrams as my General physician.

    - Patricia R. (Submitted 08/18/20)
  • Fast and complete

    - Sandra S. (Submitted 08/18/20)
  • I bruised my left leg moving a wrought iron chair in my back yard. 10 days later, it was still badly bruised. I had it checked out for deep vein injury. I was sent to Avista for an ultra sound. The test came back clear. I was so glad that I had it checked.

    - Debra J. (Submitted 07/26/20)
  • Jeff is always spot on with his care and how he speaks. Very knowledgeable about my health.

    - Dave R. (Submitted 07/16/20)
  • Listened and seemed to be invested in my health

    - Emily H. (Submitted 07/13/20)
  • It was a thorough physical and I am appreciative for the time she gave me.

    - Colleen T. (Submitted 07/11/20)
  • This was my first time seeing Laura. I was totally impressed with her. She was very thorough and professional. She is the reason I plan to stay with this medical group.

    - Peg W. (Submitted 07/02/20)
  • Because of a medication challenge I needed a same day appointment to resolve it. Dr Abrams was able to accommodate me and immediately resolve the issue

    - DENNIS R. (Submitted 06/27/20)
  • Staff very friendly, efficient, follows safety measures for covid, never long waits in waiting room, Dr. Abrams listened to and addressed my concerns. She continues to care about me as a patient.

    - Judy A. (Submitted 06/27/20)
  • Laura is so interested in solving your medical issues and always goes the extra mile to try to figure out the problem.

    - Abby B. (Submitted 06/18/20)
  • I had a problem. Jeff got me in right away, made a diagnosis and got treatment for me. Thats the way it is supposed to work!

    - Brad S. (Submitted 06/18/20)
  • Very good! It was my first Teleheath call and it went perfect!!

    - Wei-Kheng C. (Submitted 06/13/20)
  • Jeff saw me on short notice and the exam was prompt and professional.

    - Alan F. (Submitted 06/12/20)
  • My husband and I have been see Dr. Abrams for over 5 years. Professional, caring and helpful.

    - Maryann C. (Submitted 06/09/20)
  • So happy that Dr. Abrams is my new PCP.

    - Theresa F. (Submitted 06/04/20)
  • Dr Abrams is very thorough. Office is very efficient!!

    - Carol M R. (Submitted 06/02/20)
  • Great place! Myself and the family are very happy with the services provided.

    - Victor O. (Submitted 05/27/20)
  • Dr. Abrams is very friendly and kind. It is nice that I can get all my needs met in one office. Her office staff is also very nice.

    - Jennifer S. (Submitted 05/27/20)
  • Dr. Abrams was friendly and very knowledgeable. I am glad I met her and chose her for my doctor.

    - Lori S. (Submitted 05/17/20)
  • Dr. Abrams was warm and informative. She made me feel like my questions and concerns were relevant, and she took plenty of time with me to make sure I understood my condition and her recommendations for treating it.

    - Laura J. (Submitted 05/12/20)
  • Laura is a thoughtful and professional medical provider. She has a talent for blending the scientific and human elements of health care.

    - Shana T. (Submitted 04/30/20)
  • Family Practice Associates did a good job keeping the social distancing and cleanliness necessary to take the risk of going to the doctor. I have to go in for an annual checkup in order to renew prescriptions so I value the care they took. And I think Laura Bland does a good job following through on my health care.

    Show More - Anne J. (Submitted 04/28/20)
  • I am not good with computers, but I made through the appointment. It is the way it has to be for now. I wm very happy with the way it went. Thank you!!!

    - Andrea P. (Submitted 04/23/20)
  • Dr. Abrams is always very knowledgeable, caring, and attentive.

    - Anne H. (Submitted 04/19/20)
  • First time doing any kind of online medical appointment. It worked out great. Dr. A was on time, easy to see and hear. I had no problems to address, so it was really just a catching-up type of meeting. I really appreciated it.

    - Kathie B. (Submitted 04/17/20)
  • Dr. Abrams is compassionate and always listens to your concerns and observations.

    - Taylor T. (Submitted 04/17/20)
  • Tele-medicine technology is great but it is always pleasant to come to the office. Thank you, Dr. Abrams!

    - Lawrence A. (Submitted 04/16/20)
  • My tele-health visit was efficient and effective. I really appreciate the extra measures you take to protect us patients.

    - Lawrence A. (Submitted 04/16/20)
  • Very good care

    - Morris T. (Submitted 03/29/20)
  • I love the use of the Hippo app and telemedicine. It saved me a trip to the office which I didn't want to do because of COVID-19. This is the wave of the future.

    - Sharon R. (Submitted 03/24/20)
  • I am very comfortable with FPA and specifically with Dr Abrams. I have complete faith in her care.

    - Donald F. (Submitted 03/19/20)
  • Aubrey Balmer, FNP is intelligent, compassionate, and took time to understand my concerns/ health goals. Her recommendations and advice were incredibly helpful and I look forward to seeing her in the future for any necessary checkups.

    - Emily R. (Submitted 03/18/20)
  • Very good

    - Mitch B. (Submitted 03/16/20)
  • I have been a patient of in Dr Abrams for about ten years and in my opinion she has and continues to be a most progressive, comprehensive and caring physician.

    - Michael C. (Submitted 03/12/20)
  • I was seen right on time. Everyone was personable and professional.

    - Bill W. (Submitted 03/06/20)
  • Great

    - James I. (Submitted 02/28/20)
  • It was fine ...yearly physical..

    - Matt P. (Submitted 02/27/20)
  • Laura really listen to you. Down to earth

    - Sue A. (Submitted 02/23/20)
  • Easy and smooth appointment.

    - Keegan R. (Submitted 02/17/20)
  • Ms Balmer was professional, answered my questions, and helped me to understand the information from my physical exam

    - Bob M. (Submitted 02/16/20)
  • Had Rx chk & hand issue. Fast, effecient & informative. Bland, PA is intelligent & caring.

    - Jolene S. (Submitted 02/13/20)
  • Excellent.

    - Marilyn M. (Submitted 02/10/20)
  • Jeff is always great. Listens to the issue and focuses on resolving it.

    - Eric S. (Submitted 01/30/20)
  • Great experience, I felt very comfortable and heard and respected! Amanda

    - Amanda F. (Submitted 01/29/20)
  • Aubrey is very professional and easy to talk to. She’s also very funny.

    - My N. (Submitted 01/28/20)
  • Great care

    - Pamela R. (Submitted 01/23/20)
  • Great experience especially as a walkin with no appointment.

    - Owen J. (Submitted 01/20/20)
  • Professional as always

    - SORIN A. (Submitted 01/14/20)
  • Dr. Abrams was so patient and reassuring when I had concerns!

    - Stephen B. (Submitted 01/11/20)
  • I never have to wait and Jeff really seems to care.

    - Susan V. (Submitted 01/09/20)
  • I am so glad I found Dr. Abrams.

    - Susan K. (Submitted 01/04/20)
  • Dr. Bland is very caring and takes the time to listen. They staff is friendly and very quick to greet you when you walk in the door.

    - Gabe V. (Submitted 12/19/19)
  • great

    - Erik R. (Submitted 12/13/19)
  • I came in with symptoms I didn’t understand and couldn’t explain very well, and Laura Bland listened to me, took me seriously, and made me feel much better. She was so kind and knowledgeable about my condition.

    - Haley B. (Submitted 12/09/19)
  • Dr. Abrams is a very caring and thorough family practice physician. I trust her to ensure I am provided the best care available.

    - Rick H. (Submitted 12/09/19)
  • The front desk staff and all of the medical professionals are very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Dr. Abrams and her team.

    - Kaitlin S. (Submitted 12/06/19)
  • My first visit with Dr. Abrams was great. She listened to my current medical needs and gave me a referral for a specialist. I will have more information for her on the next visit.

    - Susan D. (Submitted 11/26/19)
  • Dr. Abrams is thorough, professional, and efficient.

    - Janet M R. (Submitted 11/21/19)
  • Great speed and efficiency.

    - Thomas O. (Submitted 11/18/19)
  • Really good!

    - Tania G. (Submitted 11/13/19)
  • Great

    - Rose R. (Submitted 11/09/19)
  • Dr. Abrams helped me with my health issues and is always a joy to come see.

    - Christopher B. (Submitted 11/07/19)
  • Dr Abrams has been my primary physician for many years! She is thorough, and responsive! I have just referred my parents to her and Jeff, the PA whom is also great! Nurses and admin staff , some whom have been there for years, are always kind and accommodating.

    - Sarah B. (Submitted 11/06/19)
  • Great professional to work with!

    - Joann G. (Submitted 11/01/19)
  • Wonderful experience. All the staff were friendly and professional, very nice clinic. Dr Abrams was so helpful, made me feel heard and addressed all my concerns.

    - Hilary W. (Submitted 10/30/19)
  • Dr. Abrams listens to your concerns and takes the time to explain what your needs are. You never have to wait before getting in for your appointment. The staff is very helpful also.

    - Carol R. (Submitted 10/30/19)
  • I always feel that Laura Bland listens to me and tries hard to solve problems. I trust her and have confidence in her diagnoses.

    - Anne J. (Submitted 10/29/19)
  • Got my flu shot and all is perfect! Love Dr. Abrams!

    - Geneva F. (Submitted 10/25/19)
  • Dr Abrams is an excellent doctor, and I have been going to her for years now. She takes time to communicate with her patients, and I am super happy having her as my GP.

    - Michael D. (Submitted 10/24/19)
  • Always good meeting with Jeffery Mandl , easy to talk to

    - Kevin S. (Submitted 10/18/19)
  • Outstanding service as usual. Been a patient for 20+ years. Seen on time. Dr Abrams explains things in a way I can understand.

    - Robert B. (Submitted 10/16/19)

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